Forex Pivot Points Indicators

I'm using a MT4 platform, and I'm trying to figure out which tool I'm to use to draw my pivot points,can you help.

Sure, you may download and import this custom indicator for MT4:

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Hi, is there a pivotpoint calculator that draws daily new lines and include the midpoints

Do you mean custom indicator for Metatrader that would draw lines for you daily?
Here is Pivot Point indicator with midpoints:

pls is there any indicator i can use to no when market wants to reverse?

Is there an indicator that draws 4 hour and 1 hour pivot points?

Hi There

Is there a Pivot Point indicator that does it's own calculations
Automatically on different time frames without one doing the calculations manually.


Thanks for the indicator above. It is ideal, for only 1 day, (ie doesn't clutter up your whole screen) also including Yest Hi & Lo, sweetspots and PP midpoints. Much better than anything I could find on offer from the MQL4 forum who could only suggest really tatty indicators. One of them even told me to go to Google!
Thanks again
Geoff (manfeed)