when trading fundamentals, when do you enter the trade ?. should you buy or sell ? How do you know how a news influences the market for buy or sell?

When trading with fundamental analysis, you'll be evaluating economic indicators - global financial data.

For long term investing prospective, your would in general read global reports form various institutions and leading banks, where you'll find comparison data as well as long term forecasts.

For majority of retail Forex traders fundamental analysis narrows down to news trading during major economic announcements. For example, before CPI (Consumer Price Index) - the most widely followed indicator of inflation in the United States - is released traders are ready beforehand that day too capture market reaction and the trading orders has been set even before the news are out. Just by knowing what inflation is, and how it influences Forex market an individual investor can have a substantial advantage over the crowd.

In order to know how certain news influence the market, you need to thoroughly research the topic of Forex Economic indicators. It is a huge topic, which I cannot cover on these pages.

what is the factors affect the fundamental analysis..?