FOREX TRAIDING SYSTEMS: Questions ans Answers for beginners

I have learnt about hedge trading
and i am not really clear as to how to use it
and how to profit using a hedge trade.
Please educate me on the hegde trading system.

I need a reliable trading system

Please help

Forex robots, expert advisors how do they work?
Should one buy it?

Recommended books from Amazon:

DTechnical and Fundamental Strategies
To Profit from Market Swings

Trading for a Living: Psychology,
Trading Tactics, Money Management

Are Trading Courses, for example Traders University, worthwhile to go on. Though I find these courses expensive.

Depends on what they really put in your head. I mean not what they promise, but how it is applicable in real trading environment. I haven't taken this course, so I can't evaluate its effectiveness.

I would like to have one -on-one coaching. do u have something like that? Or live training.??

Thank you for your question. We don't offer coaching or any other type of course or tutoring at the moment.
Our mission is to help novice traders find simple answers to everyday questions in their Forex trading and studying.

"I would like to have one -on-one coaching. do u have something like that? Or live training.??"

-If you're a new trader and wants to try it out 1st you can start trading with a very low amount $50 on this site, the site also includes 24/7 customer support, tips, signals and trends, free tutorial for members as well

There are a lot trading books and course in the market, how I know this is the real deal and if is aplicable in the real world? what is the catch?.

Arbitrage combined with scalping and trailing stop loss