FOREX LEVERAGE AND MARGIN: Questions and Answers for beginners

How to avoid a margin call?
Steps you can take, including emergency Margin Call steps.

I'd like to learn about leverage
More about leverage and lot, pls do talk on this

What leverage to use with mini-accounts?
I want to go live with £100=$200 trading fund,
which leverage would you advise?

I intend to invest 2000$, on a leverage 1:100
I hope it isn't going to hurt.

How to calculate your risk
when you have $200 with 1:500 leverage

Disadvantage of using higher leverage
against normal leverage and some tips on margin percent

Margin Call Formula
How to calculate margin call?

Forex leverage and margin

A simple quick explanation in one minute

Can u show me how is higher leverage "no good" in the event of a losing trade? e.g. Two traders have the same initial account balance, open the same trade (same currency pair)with same trade size (i.e. same no. of lots). Only difference is Trader A uses 50:1 leverage and Trader B uses 200:1 leverage. Let's say the trade is in loss by 60 pips, how does it affect the account balance of each trader? Thanks for your advice.

There are no free lunches...

Ok just watched the video... "no such thing as a free lunch" does this mean if i open an account with leverage 1:100 with $100 and i lose say $3,000.. Am i liable for the loss? Can i ever be charged more than is in my accont???