Leverage for Forex mini-accounts

I am new to Forex and I have had a demo account for some time now, I want to go live with £100=$200 trading fund, which leverage would you advise a beginner like me to use? , 20:1 or?

Forex for beginners

Take the highest leverage possible.
200:1 or higher.
Your margin requirement will be lower, allowing you to open several trading positions without looking back at the column with available margin and worrying about going out of funds and getting a margin call.

$200 is a mini investment, so there is virtually nothing to protect. Compare it to $200 000 investment: traders take lower leverage of 20:1 to protect their investment in case something goes terribly wrong. Large investors also have enough equity to open several trades and add more traders later. In your case, if you take 20:1 leverage, you'll be able to open 1 or 2 trading positions and that's all, your equity isn't large, so you need to leverage it to be be able to trade comfortably.

The only thing to keep in mind is to keep no ore than 3-4 positions open at one time. 1-2 max in the beginning is even better: you'll be able to control your trades better, learn how balance, equity, margin required and available columns in your account behave and what's most important, you won't be overusing your leveraged account, therefore no worries about getting a margin call.
Good luck in your live trading!

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I have a Managed account with a Broker and here
is my statement:

Effective Margin 22380
Necessary Margin 1250
Variation Margin 21130
Current Margin percentage 1790
Floating P/L (-19390)
Balance 41770

I have a few questions:

How do I find out leverage ratio that my broker uses:
1:10 or 1:100 or so?

When my broker closes all the positions
am I going to lose 19390 or more?

If your broker was to close all positions now, you'd lose 19390.

To calculate the leverage used, we need to know the total value of open trades.

Leverage = total value of open positions divided by margin balance.

For example, when you have a $10,000 margin balance and have one standard lot of 100,000 units open
$100,000 / $10,000 = leverage ratio of 10:1.

If unsure, it is better to ask your broker about the leverage ratio being used. It is your money and you should be able to know every detail about it.

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