Reliable Trading System

Pls I need a reliable trading system

Forex for beginners

Use CCI 34 and EMA 34 on daily charts.
When CCI is above zero and price is above 34 EMA - buy and hold a position.
Use Parabolic SAR (step 0.2 max 0.02) to place and trail stops with Parabolic SAR dots every day.

Take Profit/Exit on the hit of Parabolic SAR dot. Also exit if Price crosses 34 EMA or CCI crosses zero. Re-enter with Parabolic SAR if both CCI and EMA permit.
Opposite for Short.

Reliable Forex System

Further improvement:

Pay attention to divergence between CCI and price itself.

Reliable Forex System

Rules: When PSAR dots change/flip to the other side, check back if you can see a divergence.
If yes, take profits on an existing trade and re-enter with the opposite one. (Ignore CCI and EMA in case of a divergence).

In the example above, one can see that when the first PSAR dot (circled in green) appeared, there was a clear divergence between price and CCI prior to this event, therefore, one need to close all Buy orders and open a New Sell order, ignoring the fact that CCI is still above zero and price still trades above 34 EMA.

That's one reliable system. Test, trade, enjoy!

can this system use for 15minues chart

There are no limits about the time frames it can be used on.

In your description of CCI 34& EMA34 on daily charts system you suggested to Re- Enter with parabolic SAR. What is the definition of the re-entry point please?
many thanks

Hi petr,

You can re-enter Long in the direction of a current trend if:
- price is above 34 SMA
- CCI is above zero
- a new SAR dot appears below the price
- you haven't observed a divergence yet.

Thanks for this strategy,However am a bit confused,in your last comment you mentioned 34sma whereas in the intro you mentioned 34ema,which amongst the two is the right one, thanks again,Arinze.

Please what is the stop loss to be applied on this system. arinze

34 EMA would be correct.
Stop loss is set behind the Parabolic SAR indicator and trailed as each new dot develops.

Is the Parabolic SAR set at step 0.2 max 0.02 or shopuld it be step 0.02 and max0.2 ?

This is a great strategy. Simple and effective

sir, is this simple system work in ranging market also?please explain...