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I love the knowledge from I understand so much more of the market and money. I'm doing this..even though everyone thinks im nuts.

im still a beginner and i am still seeking for guidance on how to become a successful trader

I wanted to buy a house. The price was in USD, but I have Euro. The price was 130000 USD and I agreed, because it was 82500 Euro (only). But before I organized the money the Euro lost his worth and the price was 94500 Euro then. I offered 85000 Euro but they did not agree. So I do not want to have 1000 USD in my pocket today and tomorrow only 900 without touching the money. So I want to sell my Euro at the right time and to buy it back again. I try to learn it.

I also learned little bit here ,i am also beginner ,try to learn.Now i am trying forex using demo accounts ,i will trade using real amount.

Anil Kumar Raju

I have lost $300 but have learned a lot of lessons, now I found a more professional way to do this in this page,

i love forex trade i love to trade $100 pls help me. i have lost $300 but have learned a lot of a lessons now i found a more professional way to do this i love to trade forex because mary people have take forrex as their live market .............. i love forex thank you ......

I have learnt alot through your site. keep it up.


I was very enthusiastic about forex, but that was before. Because everyone here will end up losing their money that's for sure.

how do i get stated

Im a complete novice, I want to learn who trade and turn around my abject finances ability.

I have no experienced playing in the stock market because I never got the chance. But your articles are both interesting and informative. I am a retired college professor and am now working as part time online writer. Thanks to the information you provided so i am able to write articles about FOREX.
FOREX helps people earn which is good.
Mama Des - Philippines

Per friend's advise, as an alternative to stock

forex is for intelligent people, seriously if you know you're not one pleeeeeeease BACK OFF, cos you'ld end up adding your coins to the trillion dollas traded in the fx market. true talk.....hustler nigeria

intelligency you called it hustler. i bet you it has little or noting to do with trading if you've get the right signal.its more of how consistent you are in trading.Read books and practice is the key.

i want to gain money more and more.

forex is an art...

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I am an MBA student and I'm doing a Project on Forex.........that pulled me to this site.Let's see how much I can benefit.

So what if Obama says so? Don't you have a mind of your own? If Obama tells you to jump off a cliff, I suppose you'll do it too? Dumbass.

Desire to achieve Financial Freedom!

I want to enjoy life

i have no much idea for forex and needed to learn how to make profit

i want make money in forex

forex ia interesting and chalenging

i know forex is real. i have been trying to live on forex and see myself on top of it.

i am quite interested in forex trading....

I'm an Indian and I have rupees with me. From where will I get foreign currencies to do trading and how is the profit calculated in forex. Please help me with and example.

desire to make a living

Think you have to come with this thinking your not going to get rich quick, use wait for the actual trend to develop and plan you entries and exits use narrow spreads and trailing stops and you will make a reasonable turn 7 out of ten times and never hang on to a dud thinking it will turn (due to the law of sod they never do).

I have no trading knowledge at all, but I would love to learn step by step on how to trade on Forex. So, I need to know what's my first step, and if there is any kind of learning DVD on Forex for beginners?

I am going to appear in interview so for basic requirement I want to learn from this site.

I am very beginners in the forex trading, how to trade in the beginning and how to join. wht is the minimum amount reqiured. pls tell me

Thanks your for a big advices... I am going for real trade soon.... Follow all step told by you in "How not to lose my money in Forex"

I want to join and trade here.How can I join and start here

don't know but interested

Newbie, trading stocks and pretty comfy at this point. Didn't want to get to confused with all the trading territories right in the beginning. Have some time this morning. Maybe time to see what this Forex thing is next?????

I have no trading knowledge at all, but I would love to learn step by step on how to trade on Forex. So, I need to know what's my first step, and if there is any kind of learning DVD on Forex for beginners?

This is really helpful coz i am going for an interview tomorrow and i have no knowledge about Forex ... but after reading this, i think i can crack it :)


i dont know anything about forex how can i learn everything about it