Recommended Forex Brokers

Pls can you give me a reliable broker?
It is high time for me to go live trading, but am afraid of which broker to register with. thanks

Forex for beginners

It would certainly depend on how much money you wish to put on account, what leverage you prefer, what currency pairs you want to trade (to find a broker with the lowest spreads) and so on. There will be other nuances, for example, how you are going to fund your account - wire, Paypal etc. You'll find different policies everywhere.

But since the question is here, we'll recommend reviewing the following Forex brokers:

ECN brokers, which offer transparency in trading and lowest spreads.
No matter what broker you stop your choice on, be sure to contact them and ask all questions you have. Then register for a Demo account and trade with a broker for a while testing the strategy you're going to implement. Then decide. Good luck!

Forex for beginners

pls can you help me find a reliable forex broker that accepts funding via liberty reserve? a broker that i can start with with a minimum of 150$. i was trading with but i lost all my money with them. when the trend of the market is on buy and i go in for the buy, it will automatically turn against me. so i never made a gain with fxopen. pls i need a good and reliable broker with mt4 platform, a leverage of 1:400, a minimum deposite of 150$, and i can fund and withdraw via liberty reserve.

Check out this list of brokers with mini accounts, some of them accept Liberty Reserve funding:
Mini account Forex brokers

pls am from nigeria,and i would like to know if there is a broker that can accept $50 for a trade and if they acccept libertyreserve