Winners and losers in Forex

Hi I heard that if I earn 100$ in Forex so there is some who had lost it so I won, is that correct? My second question is I heard that 90% of trader lose their whole money in Forex and only 10% get successful in this business. I want to know is this data is only for beginners or all experienced traders?
Thanx, jatin

Forex for beginners

Yes, it is correct. There are buyers and sellers in Forex. If you sold currency and won, there were traders who bought that currency from you and so they lost.

The data of 90% to 10%, which is only an approximate estimation refers to each and every trader attempting to profit from Forex trading during their first year of trading. After 1 year, those who don't lose money or quit (90% of traders) AND are able to carry on successful trading make up the wining 10% of Forex investors.

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thats fn grate, so as a beginner my chances are not good? so how do we get better odds?

Everyone starts the same way - by learning and practicing you're improving your odds.

I would assume odds are improved by research and patience.

98% traders loose their money, 2% earn money. These 2% are big guys in the banks and funds and also a small group of succesful traders. Beginner has almost 0% chance of earning some money on Forex. But it is still more %probability than buying a lottery ticket.....

Is forex trading legal in India? I am learning from your site and its a very good for beginner.


It is possible for every one to make a money form this market. for that you have to start tread with small lot size and wet for that position where you are confident the market will go up or down. This is very lazy process but if you want to make a money you have to do it. Because it is not easy to make a money very quick from this market.
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I am a beginner and I have made profits from this market. Anyone can make money from this market not only the banks. The Misconception that lot of people have is that, they think you can get few lessons from the internet and start trading tomorrow and make lots of money. This market just like any other trade in the world it requires lot of skill and skill can be acquired by lot of studying, practice and learning from those who already know (experts). The only difference between 10% and 90% is that 10% work very hard to know their trade and they are not governed by emotions.

well follow the market you will enjoy at least 100dollar a week
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